What is the Key to Healthy Living

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. But the importance of it isn’t realised till the health is compromised and lost. Healthy living is a way of living practiced consciously and consistently.

Do not be mistaken or misled

Doing all things healthy or adopting all practices that claim to be healthy, does not make you healthy. Healthy living is a step-by-step process applied continuously. It is not linear, which means there is no One rule to follow. It is complex with many permutations and combinations.

I could see the combinations and permutations flutter through their minds. This was Boulder. It could easily be two moms. Two dads. A dad, a mom, and an orangutan. Three Amish hipsters and a transgendered Aboriginal mermaid.

— Bill Konigsberg

The key to healthy living lies in finding balance

Finding the right permutations and combination that keeps you healthy. So, am I asking you to experiment with all the possible ways! No dear, it is already done for you. Your ancestors, the people who were more in sync with their self, have already done it.

You, have to follow the food culture and innovate but wisely. Not like some fanta omlet, or tea brewed with fruits in it. Such combinations have potential enough to hamper the health. Finding the right balance for your own type, in the environment you live, considering the multitude of factors influencing your existence.

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